Lantra Awards Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal

This course approved by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Training and Certification Working Group is designed to help people plan and carry out rat and mouse control. It is intended to provide a full working knowledge of both preventive and curative methods to be able
to plan, implement and monitor a control programme that is appropriate to the situation, assessing and using the most efficient and safe methods and with due regard to the environment. Our comprehensive training is for anyone who wishes to control rodents in a commercial environment or undertake pest control predominantly in land-based or related industries.

Course Details

The training will include theory and practical activities during the day and provide you with an understanding of why it is necessary to control rodents, the biology and behaviour of rodents and legislation associated with rodent control. You will understand what information is required when carrying out a survey and the non-chemical methods available to control rodents as well as the current rodenticides and formulations how they work, how to transport them, safe disposal and the
importance of completing documentation. This training is suitable to anyone new to rodent control or wishing to develop their skills further in rodent control. 

This is an assessed course. On successful completion you will receive a certificate of training from a nationally recognised awarding organisation.

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