Used correctly, ATV’s, or quad bikes, are very versatile vehicles with a wide variety of uses. A range of attachments, including trailers, sprayers and spreaders, make them even more flexible and effective business tools.

The most experienced ATV riders can also find themselves in hazardous and potentially dangerous situations. Serious accidents can and do occur without proper training.

Training is a legal requirement.

The Lantra-Awards certification is designed to enable successful operators to:

  • comply with legal requirements with an emphasis on Safe Practice
  • identify the risks associated with using quads
  • select and use appropriate P.P.E.
  • understand the main causes of accidents
  • identify the controls and components
  • understand the function of all instruments
  • carry out daily checks as indicated in the Operator’s Manual
  • carry out appropriate pre-start checks
  • identify and report any faults
  • start up and drive over a variety of terrain and ground conditions
  • carry out a Risk Assessment and plan the route
  • operate quads safely on a variety of slopes and terrain (full course only)
  • identify loading/towing capacities
  • drive with loads and trailed equipment (full course)
  • load and secure for transport on the road (if appropriate)
  • understand legal and practical requirements for travelling on the public road
  • identify track profile and weight transfer
  • load and unload machine from trailer/lorry (if required)

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