Manual Handling

Our Manual Handling Course is suitable for all business operations that involve the handling of loads, manual handling training is delivered under the Health and safety at Work, General Application Regulations 2007.

HSA Define Manual Handling as a physical activity that takes place in every workplace, and in some cases the activity does not pose problem. However it can be a potential workplace hazard when an employee is required to handled very heavy loads, which could result in a back injury.


  • Explain briefly the functions of the body parts involved in manaul handling and how they can be injured
  • List typical manual handling risks and injuries
  • Explain how to personnally risk  assess typical manual handling tasks in their workplace
  • Describe the components of task specific manaul handling risk assessments in their workplace
  • Describe the 8 principles used in manual handling techniques
  • Demonstrate safe manual handling techniques based on the 8 principles

Practical- dealing with different types of Load:

•Lifting from the floor
•Lifting from the table
•Lifting from low to high
•Handling sacks and drums
•Pushing and pulling


•Practical Assessment
•Feedback on Examination

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