Farm Safety Code of Practise - TAMs ii

Course Detail

Frank Thornton Health & Safety Ltd has now been added to the list of approved trainers recognised by the DAFM for the above. Courses will be available through-out October / November / December

For further details, contact Frank on 087 / 225 24 65 or

Completing the COP Risk Assessment should be done for the right reason, i.e. to protect everyone’s H&S on the farm, not simply for inspectors or Bord Bia.

Participants                                                                                        Duration

Up to 24 personnel                                                                         3.5 Hrs.

Course Objective

The aim of this Code of Practice  is to improve the level of safety and health among all people engaged in the agriculture  sector by providing practical guidance.

Completion of this course is deemed, therefore, to satisfy the Farm Safety Training Course requirements set out in the TAMS II Terms and Conditions.

Certification - TAMS Grant letter of Attendance

Farm Safety Code of Practise