Abrasive Wheels

ROSPA Abrasive Wheels Training course is suitable for people using hand held, bench mounted grinders, con saws or chop saws and is designed to help the operator select the correct wheel, the proper way to fit the wheel, wheel storage and use of the machine. Since the 1st July 2016, this training now includes tools used for wood e.eg skill saws.The training can be carried out on the clients premises or in our own training centre by our ROSPA accredited abrasive wheels instructor. All attendees who successfully pass our assessments are awarded a 3 year certificate.

  • Hazards and risks,
  • markings of abrasive wheels,
  • storage and transport,
  • inspect and test for damage,
  • functions of components,
  • balance and usage,
  • suitable PPE.

This is covered by demonstration and practical.

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